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Here are the available chatbots to talk to:

Talk to Chatbot Danny


Danny chatbot is not the smartest or cleverest chatbot. Its logic and algorithm is quite simple. It's Basically an ELIZA Algorithm Chatbot With a Large Database Of Keywords and Replies. Danny chatbot might be annoying since it is very religious and mentions God often. However, it means no harm or evil. Tell it to shut up or that it's wrong and it will apologize. Ask it to pray and it will generate a random prayer. Tell it about yourself or ask it about itself and it will tell you about Danny's life and past... Just remember this is Danny's perspective. You do not have to accept or agree to everything it says, so don't take whatever it says too seriously.

Talk to Crazy Bot


This bot is a Random Reply From Cornell Movie's dialog Corpus - it's responses is based on user input matches to words in the database and the replies are randomly generated - the result is complete Craziness - good luck understanding what it means or says

Talk to Eliza


A Simple ELIZA Chatbot - Tell it something and it will find a way to turn it to a question. and it won't Tell you a thing about itself. has no Opinion of it's on - Replies are fixed But Randomized. it Answers in Question- Good Luck

Talk to JokerBot


A Jokeer One Liner Chatbot who tells 101 one liner jokes one by one in order and doesn't know anything else to say...

Talk to The Baby Chatbot


This Chatbot Learns Input and Output from the users Taking to it WARNING: Abusing this Chatbot will result in Removing it or Deleting the Database with the Abusive Data... Please Don't Abuse it Otherwise We might Remove It

Game Hikikomori


a Text Game (Experiment) Hikikomori - Try it now :)